Roy Ness Contracting & Sales has been in continuous operation since 1947 when it was organized as “Ness Brothers Contracting” a partnership of Roy Ness and his two brothers Earl and Lester. The Brothers began as a plastering business doing residential work and later concrete and masonry. As the Earl and Lester each eventually decided to move in other directions the business became a sole proprietorship under Roy Ness in 1960.


By that time Roy had demonstrated his natural talent for design work and was producing custom designed homes with a recognizable flair and style. While attending the national homebuilder’s convention he became interested in a new opportunity offered at the show, Pruden Products, one of the very first pre-engineered metal building companies. After decades of mergers and acquisitions the Pruden name remains as the “P” in “VP Buildings” and a company that Ness Contracting is proud to consider an important part of our business and a key supplier.


The business relationship between the two companies has been a very long one and now spans more than 50 years. The metal building part of our business was the springboard that moved the company from the early days in the residential market into the commercial and industrial construction firm we are today. By 1976 the company was continuing to grow and the decision was made to incorporate under the current name of Roy Ness Contracting & Sales Inc.



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